The Reflex-drainage: also known as massage of the 6 zones.

The Reflex-drainage is one of the essential care protocols for Dien Chan and Chan'beauté. This facial massage, very easy to perform, is based on the reflection pattern of the body on the face.

It is therefore an original method of facial reflexology.

What is this facial massage for?

The Reflex-drainage stimulates by gentle scans on the face, each of these areas reflexologically.

The lymph contains white blood cells and carries waste products by circulating in the lymphatic vessels. The lymph nodes are located in specific areas that may have blockages.

Some of the benefits of Reflex-drainage:

  • Significant detox effect.

  • Oxygenation of the skin.

  • Relaxation of the mental sphere.

  • Anti-aging effect.

  • Accelerates healing.

  • Boosts the immune system.

  • Regulates the emotional sphere.

  • Preventive anti-flu care.

What is the Reflex-drainage?

The Reflex-drainage is inspired by manual lymphatic drainage. However, this multi-reflexology massage of the lymphatic system has no contraindications. No possibility of causing a disorder since it acts on the 6 facial reflex zones and not mechanically on the lymph nodes directly.

Take advantage of all these advantages without any risk!

⭐️ We can practise it alone in self-care or integrate it into our professional practice. ⭐️

How to practise the Reflex-drainage?

In this video, our Chan'beauté expert shows you the 6 steps he performs with the multireflex tool nº133.

✔︎ On you or a patient count 30 scans per step.

To obtain the best results, choose the multireflex tool most suited to the shape and type of skin. The triple-detector tip of the Comet nº133, or the smooth sphere of the Detector nº101 allow a smooth and regular sweeping.

We explain to you below on this page the differences between each nozzle.

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In self-care

If the skin pulls during treatment, use a drop of oil or a moisturizer to reduce friction.

Sweep 30 times each area indicated on the care diagram; twice a day. This can be repeated up to four times a day in the face of severe water retention in the feet, ankles, legs and arms.

The free booklet offered details each step.

For beauticians

While clients visit you to revive their beauty, this is how to enrich your aesthetic care with a therapeutic dimension.

By practicing Reflex-drainage at the start of treatment, you improve the skin's natural hydration as well as the natural production of collagen. You favor the elimination of toxins and will obtain much more convincing results.

By practicing this protocol, you are initiating yourself to Chan'beauté, the technique of natural therapeutic aesthetics.

For therapists

As with all natural care techniques, the patient's predisposition is essential to obtain the best results. However, the gentle massages of Reflex-drainage communicate directly with the brain.

Applied at the start of a treatment, it helps to relax and relieve superficial pain. This procedure also prepares the "ground" and makes our consultant more receptive and reactive to the precise stimuli of the treatment that will follow.

Manual lymphatic drainage (DLM) requires a certified therapist, however, since Reflex-drainage (also called 6-zone massage) does not act locally on the lymph nodes, so this poses no danger. We do not cause any blockage, but on the contrary, we send signals to the brain, which in turn activates natural drainage. We therefore encourage self-regulation.

When faced with very dry skin, use a drop of neutral oil or a moisturiser to reduce friction.

How to use it?

  1. Start of session protocol in case of water retention, headache, blockages, intoxication, etc.

  2. In preventive self-treatment to maintain health (once a day, in the evening).

  3. In treatment: 1 to 3 times a day.

Plus de détails dans le fascicule gratuit.


  • Does not lower blood pressure.

  • Young people should not do this massage every day (except in case of treatment), as this may increase their yang energy. This would lead to the appearance of pimples on the face and cause constipation.

  • If you feel palpitations, do not do steps 1 and 2 of the massage.

  • Without an instrument, with your fingers or an object with a smooth round head, the effectiveness of the massage is reduced.

  • Pregnant women under the age of 3 months should eliminate steps 4 and 5, which could bother the baby.

Multireflex effects yin or yang?

By studying Dien Chan and Chan'beauté you learn to differentiate between dispersing, humidifying or refreshing effects (yin) and energizing, drying or heating effects (yang).

The free booklet offers an explanatory table.

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Comet detector


To practice the Reflex-drainage, we must know how to observe the reactions of the body.

If we feel an excess of heat, it means that it will be better to apply the protocol in a yin way. That is to say with the triple detector tip of the Comet tool nº133 which allows sweeping as effective, but less heating.

With the triple detector, the stimulations are fresher while remaining deep.

The other side of the tool (large detector) allows a massage with yang effects. While stimulating our lymphatic system, we will slightly increase the internal temperature of the body.

This promotes lymph circulation and helps deliver endorphins which will free the mind and help us "let go" smoothly.

Massage stick


This very practical conical massage stick has one end with a larger diameter than the other.

Its ergonomic shape prevents the fatigue of the fingers in case of manual work of the feet and back. Much appreciated by masseurs and plantar reflexologists, the massage stick allows precise and deep pressure to be exerted.

Unlike polluting plastic or varnished wood, natural horn does not risk burning the skin and does not cause static electricity that would disrupt the skin microbiota.

On very dry skin, lubricate with a cream to avoid the discomfort caused by the friction.

In case of hypersensitivity to the large detector of the Comet, the massage stick nº424 is very suitable for performing Reflex-drainage on the face. Repeat full stimulation 3 times to encourage lymphatic circulation.

Smooth sphere detector


The small horn ball allows you to perform Reflexodrainage on oily skin. Its fine detector allows extremely precise stimulation of facial points.

The Smooth sphere detector nº101 is in fact preferred by professionals who supplement their treatments with formulas of · bqc points from Dien Chan.

👍We recommend to beginners to choose the Comet Detector nº133, because it allows to choose the most suitable tip according to the feeling.

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Small version of the kit

The two Dien Chan detectors and the Reflex-drainage eBook.

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What is Dien Chan?

Dien Chan is the original method of facial reflexology, discovered by Pr Bùi Quôc Châu in Vietnam in the 1980s.

Unlike conventional reflexology (feet, hands, ears), Dien Chan combines its many reflection patterns with 257 precise facial points to compose a multireflexology network. Without pain or damage to the skin, the use of delicate instruments (called: multireflex tools) allows us to enrich our care exponentially.

Working on the face, so close to the brain, produces deep results and quick pain relief.

In Dien Chan, we treat the whole person; we provide holistic care.

What is Chan’beauté?

Facial reflexology at the service of natural aesthetics.

This avant-garde natural method synthesises and combines a great deal of ancient knowledge by offering a fast and efficient modern interpretation. Chan'beauté is nourished by traditional healing knowledge and Western medicine. It combines the principles of Eastern wisdom with contemporary clinical applications.

🌸 A natural method, compatible with all medicines!

Developed by the research team of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC), the therapeutic aesthetic technique, called Chan'beauté, consists of stimulating the area to be treated according to a protocol, with the small precise tools , to restore the overall balance in order to reach the origin of the disorder and the imperfection.

Thanks to our research and clinical checks by our esthetician students, we have discovered that facials are significantly improved by the use of multireflex tools.

This gives us the opportunity to naturally treat wrinkles, spots, scars, cellulite, water retention and many other imperfections.

🌸 It is a question of adding a therapeutic dimension to our aesthetic and well-being treatments.

The multireflex tools

Instruments of elegance and precision, multireflex tools meet professional needs and enrich your daily beauty gestures while taking care of your health.

They are handcrafted sustainably with noble recyclable materials such as mimosa wood and natural horn recovered from traditional agriculture. No animal is injured or raised for this purpose.

We prefer real horn, as has been done throughout history, for its antiseptic properties and its high therapeutic frequency.

The authentic care utensils are made with non-polluting natural materials, which do not produce static electricity unlike synthetic materials.

All different, their irregular mottling transforms them into unique health jewelry.

The Reflex-drainage eBook

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